Company registration is an important aspect of forming a startup. And while there are several articles talking about how to incorporate a company, finding out what is the next step after registering a business is equally essential.

For those working on registering your company, we bring you the next steps to take in order to ensure that your startup is as successful as you wish it to be:

Prepare official company documents

For every start-up, this should be one of the first steps after incorporation of a company.

Sorting out the official documents of the company is a vital step to successfully incorporate a business.

Once the company is registered comes the time to form your mission statements, vision, objective, a statement describing the standard operating procedure, and your policy statement.

This will help create a proper framework for the smooth operation of the company.

Get your Corporate Identity Number

A Corporate Identity Number or CIN is essential for every registered company.

Once registered, the company needs to get its CIN and have it displayed outside their registered office.

Apart from the CIN, other details that are mandatory to be displayed are the name of the company, the registered office address, telephone number as well as the website address.

Further, you can also have the CIN printed on letterheads, business letters, emails, etc.

Get your company GST registration

While registering your company is very crucial to ensuring a successful venture, it is also a mandate that you get your GST registration.

This is important to a company can avoid legal proceedings as well as any tax evasion charges which can be levied upon them.

Open a bank account for your business

In order to continue with your business after you have registered your company, or even to commence your business, it is vital that you open a new bank account for your business.

With the need to keep personal accounts separate from that of your company, this would be the right step to ensure that your business transactions occur in your business’ name.

With your company incorporation done, it essential that you follow the above-mentioned steps for a successful and smooth running of your company.

HG Corporates does its best to help you out with not only smoothly registering your company but also guiding you in what must be done one your company has been registered.

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