Limited Liability Partnership Registration

  LLP Registration in India @ only  ₹9,999/- (LLP + GST + Udyog Aadhar Registration).

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Limited Liability Partnership Registration Process

Step 1

 Fill-up the LLP Application Form with the Business & Personal details.

Step 2

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Step 3

 Provide the requested info/documents to us

Step 4

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Step 5

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Documents Required For Limited Liability Partnership Registration

Colour PP Photograph

PAN Card – Self Attested

Aadhar Card – Self Attested

Registered Office Address Proof

Bank Statement – Self Attested

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Why should a startup prefer LLP entity over any other form of registration?

Limited Financial Liability

The term “Limited Liability” means that the individual shareholders’ contribution towards the company debts is limited.

Lower Compliance Requirement

A key benefit of registering an LLP over a private company is lesser compliance requirement.

Operational Flexibility

LLP Agreement, deed among partners of an LLP, clarifies operating structure including rights & responsibilities of the partners.

FAQs for LLP Registration

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How many people require to register LLP?

There must be at least two individuals to be appointed as Designated Partners, out of which one must be an Indian resident.


Is there any minimum capital requirement for LLP registration in India?

No. There is no minimum amount prescribed to form an LLP in India. It can be started with any amount of capital demanded by the business. Although there is no minimum requirement, every partner must make a contribution financially to form LLP. The amount of capital contribution is disclosed in the LLP Agreement and amount of stamp duty is decided by the total contribution amount


What is LLP Agreement?

LLP Agreement is an agreement executed by all partners after LLP incorporation in India. The agreement prescribes all the clauses related to business, including the rights, roles, duties, and responsibilities of partners in LLP. The agreement must be filed within 30 days of the issue of a certificate of incorporation. Failure to do so will charge an additional fee of ₹ 100 per day till the date of filing.


What is Paid Up Capital?

Paid up capital is an amount which shareholders are required to deposit in the bank account of the Company after Company Registration.


Whether GST Registration is mandatory?

It depends upon Turnover and Industry/Type of your Company, Please call us for more information.


Which documents you require for LLP Registration in INDIA?

  1. Passport Size Photo
  2. Copy of Pan Card – Self Attested 
  3. Copy of AdhaarCard – Self Attested 
  4. Copy of Latest Electricity Bill / Telephone Bill / Bank Statement / Mobile Bill – Anyone: Self Attested 
  5. For Office Proof – Copy of Latest Electricity Bill / Telephone Bill / Gas Bill – Anyone: Self Attested

What are the immediate compliances after company registration?

Every Company is required to complete the following formalities within 30 days from the Date of Registration of the Company:-
• The holding of First Board Meeting
• The opening of Bank Account
• Deposit of Share Capital by the Shareholders
• The issue of Share Certificates to the Shareholders
• Appointment of Statutory Auditor
• Other Compliance’s as may be required

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