When the legal firm Handoo and Handoo decided to become the first LLP, little did they know the impact they would leave on the businesses to come.

They understood the implications of what it would mean if they went ahead with LLP rather than a private business model like many before them did.

Wading in lesser known territory certainly takes courage. But with this firm doing what no one else had done before, they paved the way for many more successful LLP start-ups.

Like Handoo and Handoo, there have been many who have dreamed of going big. But many lack the courage to take the leap that xyz did.

This is more due to the fact that humans tend to spend more time rueing their failures than celebrating their successes.

Even though a majority of the people are skeptical about starting out a business on their own, start-ups have become as common as the sand in the sea. You hear of at least one start-up every week if you are in touch with what is happening around.

Being an entrepreneur, however, takes more than just setting up shop. Unlike private business models, LLPs are sure to give owners a better rest, keeping in mind the limited liability.

The risks certainly seem less scary when one knows that they wouldn’t have to bear the financial brunt of the company going through a hardship personally. The flexibility it offers is yet another reason why many now lean toward LLP.

Over the past decade, many firms have converted to LLPs as compared to other business models, owing to the benefits incurred as well as the ease of having it done with the right people to help you.

While there are a million companies that can offer you information on how to go about when you plan on building a start-up, not many take the time to really nurture you from beginning until the time you can sustain yourself without a supportive fence around you.

Understanding this requirement, HG Corporates aims to fill this gap by offering guidance, helping you register your business, standing by you as you take the first step, and encouraging you every step of the way.

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